Undergraduate Education and Training



The first and only in Turkey

In TOBB ETÜ, each academic year is divided into three equal parts: Fall, Spring, and Summer. 3-term education, one term of which is reserved for cooperative education, is not practiced in any other university in Turkey. The purpose of the Cooperative Education Program is providing work experience to our students prior to obtaining their bachelor’s degree. All students join cooperative education program three times, and they graduate with nearly 1 year of work experience. TOBB ETÜ students, having shorter break times than their peers in other universities, use 4 academic years more efficiently.

3 Term Program

After our undergraduate students have passed the compulsory English preparatory class, they take 5-term before they join the cooperative education program. The 3-term education program aims to ensure that TOBB ETU students are as well-equipped as possible for their first work experience and uses summer time more efficiently.

The summer term in our university is an ordinary period so there is no separate summer school program. No additional payment is required for the summer term. As a result of the three-term academic year, our students have the chance to graduate earlier with more experience than their peers. When students graduate in the Spring term of their last academic year, one third of their annual tuition is paid back.

Term Autumn Spring Summer