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Undergraduate Level English

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Undergraduate Level English

İNG 001:

The course consists of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections. The reading section focuses on how students should examine the reading passages and what they should pay attention to, and how they can answer such questions. The Listening section consists of reviews of academic listening pieces and academic discussions and on-campus speeches.

İNG 002:

The aim of the course is to prepare students for the TOEFL IBT exam. Course content is similar to İNG 001. However, it is mostly for the TOEFL IBT exam.

İNG 003:

Academic Writing is a two-part course. The first part of the course includes writing styles such as CV / resume, business letter, cover letter, official letter, memorandum, e-mail and letter of intent which are necessary for business life. In the second part of the course, which is academic writing, students write a research paper on a topic of their choice and approved by the lecturer.

İNG 004:

Presentation Techniques course is a course that helps students to take a more prepared step into business life by teaching the language, form and methods necessary for business life such as preparing presentations, making presentations, and business ideas.